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Customer Reviews for Kathy Griffin

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Kathy is hysterical and gallant

Don B from San Jose, California
8th June 2024

2 hours non stop laughing and crying and clapping! She’s like a roller coaster without a seatbelt. Super Fun! She is loved in San Jose!

Kathy (nearly) Kills in Dallas

Richard from Dallas, Texas
4th May 2024

Kathy Griffin is the best recollector in the business. She gabs about her friends, her situations, her miseries, and her politics with reckless abandenment. She is so side splittingly funny, the show had to be stopped while a patron was being attended to for a stroke! O.k....not funny but after he was taken care of, Kathy pulled us all back into her funny, crazy world. The audience left with reminder that we aren't all crazy...and if we are, Kathy should be our President!

Kathy (nearly) Kills in Dallas

Richard Hodge from Dallas, Texas
18th April 2024

Tonight, Kathy took no prisoners in her hilarious show. Covering everything from Trump, her health, and her friends, she stopped only to wait for a patron that literally (wait for her visiting Kanye's house story for that reference) had a stroke in the audience. She handled it with proper respect and then got her audience back for 2 hours of her hilarious stories. She was a trooper and the show was was terrific. No doubt she is as funny as they come. Dallas loved you!

Kathy Griffin

Ron Kuykendall from Palm Desert, California
5th April 2024

Kathy Griffin is back! After a tumultuous period in her life she was able to share her trials and triumphs as only she can. The audience laughed and cheered as her brand of humor was enthusiastically received! Show was very fun and funny as she walked through various experiences about friends, neighbors, etc. Glad we were there to witness this great comeback!


Patricia from Phoenix, Arizona
31st March 2024

Kathy energized the audience from the moment she bounced on stage. I laughed more during her performance than I have in years. If you have an opportunity to take in her show - do it - you will have the time of your life!

Awesome Show!

Gina from Detroit, Michigan
10th December 2018

This was a phenomenal experience. It was so amazing to be in a room full of people who hate Trump as much as we do! Lol! We laughed the whole time and I even cried once or twice. Kathy is hilarious, brave, and so much fun to see!