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Customer Reviews for The Avett Brothers

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GREAT show!

RD from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20th May 2024

First time seeing the Avett Brothers. It won’t be the last. They’re supremely talented and play a great variety of musical styles, from rock to bluegrass. They’re harmonies are exquisite! Both their music and lyrics are memorable and meaningful. Saw them in Philly at the Mann. Great venue. Can’t wait to see them again.

Avett Brother at Miller High Life Theatre

Jeffery Peterson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
30th March 2022

Outstanding show. These boys played nonstop for over 2 hours. Catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. High energy and moments of sweet melancholy. You never lose interest in what they say. They are grounded individuals who appreciate family and friends. I really love their music. A must see. Thank you.

First Avett Brother show!

Kevin - Milwaukee from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
30th March 2022

This was my first Avett Brother show. I cannot believe I waited this long to see them live. Great show, they took us through a set of songs that displayed the incredible talent of the band members. I cannot wait to see them again!

Avett Brothers, Oak Mountain and Rainy . . . Perfect!

Dean from Pensacola, FL
29th October 2019

First off, Trish is right in that everyone should see the HBO documentary 'May it Last' to get some insight on these guys. Second, the band's skillset and musicality compete with AK & Union Station, Mumford & Sons, Springsteen and DMB, but AB has them all beat when it comes to heart. Third, these guys act like they a) really like each other and b) know that they are there for their audience. No matter how much beer that audience drinks and no matter how much that drunk audience believes how well they sing the songs. Yeesh! You just have to take a look at the setlist to see that every album was represented and how much guts it took for them to sing 'We Americans' in the environment we find ourselves in these days. Let's throw in Oak Mountain as a great venue that is acoustically superior, very comfortable and about the best location if you are interested in walking back over the footbridge to lodging (and parking), restaurants (and parking) and oh yes, parking. I will be back!

If you don't know this band and their music you're really missing out.

Trisha from New York
27th September 2019

I've seen this band a number of times and have never been disappointed. Bands like Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers have gotten inspiration from their music. They are a hard working band and very prolific. Their lyrics are about family, friends, love, heartbreak and forgiveness. Their music has such range and diversity from rock, in songs Vanity, Geraldine, Pretty girl from Chile, to knee slapping Laundry room and Sally's Lover, and tender love on "I wish I was", they are awesome. As an Avett primer watch "May it Last" on HBO directed by Judd Apatow. Scott and Seth Avett founded the band & added big bad Bob Crawford on standup bass and wild & free cellist Joe Kwon to make for a tight band with plenty to say and play. Any chance you can go see them , do not miss them in concert!


Bill Hicks from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
25th September 2022

The Brothers put on one hell of a show...Their sound mix was great All their songs were done really well Only issue we had was overselling the show..Stage AE was SRO in the lawn...it was hard to see all of the stage.. Overall good crowd just couldn't relax at all no sitting down for sure. $8 hot dogs were poor and beer selection was shit.